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by / Sunday, 30 August 2009 / Published in Books, The Writer's Life


Ah … my mum and dad hard at it setting up! They were my roadies! (Mind you my dad and my hubby Das spent the two days cruising around the field day, they said it was huge!).

I meet lots of wonderful people, old friends and work colleagues. But the best was hearing from those who’d already read the book who came up to chat.

It was great meeting them and hearing what they thought about The Family Farm. I even got the laptop out and typed out half a chapter when it was quiet!

Oh, and I hope the poor chap who grabbed a heap of books for his bookclub doesn’t get picked on too bad for his choice of book – as the majority is men and they usually prefer a male writer, but I told him it had a love scene and plenty of farming, so hopefully they approve! Love to hear what the fellas all thought.

So all in all it was a great two days (but must admit I enjoyed getting home … those tiny porta loo’s aren’t much chop!)

Thanks to all who came and grabbed a book and had a chat.

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