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Winter – oh the joys of frosty mornings. On this particular morning I was on my way to my friends house to pick up my kids and the fog was really thick  AND it was 10.30am!!  Yes, the farmers would have been twiddling their fingers waiting for it to lift so they could go spraying.  I know my dad was at home waiting…probably enjoying the warmth before he went out into the cold to play with water.

This picture is of my friends house from their driveway and you can just make out it out.  The camera never seems to pick up just how thick it is.

I nearly ran over the shire crew on my way there.  They had two graders parked up on the road.  They appeared out of nowhere in the fog.  I bet they thought twice about standing on the road to talk in a fog, especially with me behind the wheel!!  As i left near lunch time i could still see areas of fog.  Well at least it wasn’t a frost.  I’m hoping they stay away.  Its been a bad enough start to the year, no one needs their crops wiped out from the frost as well.

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