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Friday, 25 January 2013 by

The power is back on and the generator is stashed away. (Although I just found the long extension cord chewed to bits by the dog. Not impressed!!) So I have for you today the first chapter of The Sunburnt Country. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to read how to enter the competition to win a signed copy of my new book at the bottom. ūüôā Enjoy and have a happy Australia Day! (I’m a proud Aussie) Hot westerly winds rattled the old tin roof and blew a small eddy of dust into the workshop. Jonelle put down the container of coolant and reached for the radiator cap that was resting on the car‚Äôs motor. She should have been more careful but it was too late: her dusky-pink nail polish chipped on contact with the motor. ‚ÄėOh, crap. Nae‚Äôs gonna kill me,‚Äô she mumbled. Her nails were hardly worth doing, always kept short out

Competition Winners

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by

The time has come to draw two winners for a signed copy of The Road Home. Thank you all for entering, it was fantastic to hear all about you.¬†I loved reading your comments. Now, drum roll….. The first person drawn was Gabby! Congratulations Gabby, i’ll be sending you an email shortly asking for your address. ūüôā And the second person drawn was Felicity Morley! Huge congrats to both ladies, and hopefullly¬†I’ll¬†get the books in the mail for you this week. But that is not all. Tomorrow I’ll have guest blogger and well known rural author Fleur McDonald over answering a few questions. I¬†have just finished reading Purple Roads¬†so I know you won’t be disappointed.

Win Win Win

Saturday, 03 March 2012 by

Okay, seeing as I have a small collection of my third book,¬†The Road Home I am offering up two signed copies, posted out to you with a fancy Rural Writers Rock stubby holder. Now all you have to do to be in it to win it is leave a comment. Simple as that.¬† Please leave something about yourselves behind so that I can get to know YOU. Maybe you love dogs. Maybe you love roses or the afternoon sun on a spring day. (lol I like all those things). Share something about yourself, even if its just small.¬†¬†I will draw both winners at random on the 13th March.   And don’t forget for your chance to get a pre-release copy, I’m at the Wagin Woolorama 9th and 10th of March. Come see me in the Wool Pavilion as I’ll be there all day, both days. Except for toilet breaks, food breaks and when my friends

All over for another year.

Sunday, 28 August 2011 by

Yes, it’s all over. Two full days sitting behind this table chatting to people from all over and signing books. Three nights camping in the freezing cold, thank goodness for eletric blankets!¬† And most of all thank goodness for mum who came along to help. Bringing regular hot cuppa’s and watching the stall while I ducked off for a look-see. (Thanks mum!) It also helped sharing our stall space with two lovely people,George and Gabby.¬† I didn’t get to see too many people I knew but the lovely Rachael Blair (Rach Johns) and her three gorgeous boys, stopped by for a quick hello. I ran a competition for those who wanted to enter for a chance to win both my books and I drew it yesterday. The winner of both books is : Liz Marcus from Greenmount. Books will be posted at the start of next week Liz. And I also did a runner up

Cover photo

Sunday, 26 June 2011 by

My¬†next book is at the editing stage…not long after that comes the cover design and looking for a great picture.¬† I thought I would put the call out, as some of you may have a great¬†photo that you have taken yourself and it would be great to¬†see your own photo on a book. As the book¬†may be called The Road Home we are thinking of a photo of a road, like the one above.¬† But maybe with a clear blue sky or sunsets. It could be a straight or bent road…whatever you think looks great.¬† So if you would like to share your photos with me, please email them to¬† and I will put them up on my website for all to see.¬† Now I can’t guarantee that one of them will be used as the cover, all I can do is pass them on to Penguin for the graphics department to have a look.¬†


Wednesday, 09 March 2011 by

The drawn winner for the signed copy of Heart of Gold is: Marlene Pratt Congratulations Marlene, please email me your details so I can send you the book.¬†¬† I found another book with some battle scars also, so I have decided to do¬†an extra¬†draw and the winner of this copy goes to: Kim Hedges from Singleton! Congrats to you as well Kim. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me your address so I can post the signed book off a.s.a.p Big thanks to all that entered. Have a great day ūüôā


Friday, 21 January 2011 by

Okay, competition has closed for the signed pre-release copy of Heart of Gold.¬† I had my very special mum pick a number and the lucky winner was: Katrina Simpson!!!!¬† YAY Katrina. Because so many people entered,¬†(personally¬†I thought you ALL deserved to win, but i’m no millionare, not even a thousandare)…but none the less, I have done two more draws for a copy of Heart of Gold.¬† (It will be signed, but it just won’t be a pre-release. Therefore the next winners wont get it until the start of March.) So the lucky other winners were: Karin Bridle and Emma Lynch!¬†¬† Congrats to you¬†all…I just hope you enjoy it…when it arrives.¬† So could the winners please email me their addresses and who you want it signed to. Stay tuned for more comps, as no doubt¬†I will give¬†everyone another chance closer to the release date. xx¬† Please know you are all winners in my mind for taking


Saturday, 15 January 2011 by

Okay, so us authors usually get a few copies of our books after they are printed, and usually well before the release date.¬† So i’m running a competition where the winner will get a pre-released signed¬†copy of Heart of Gold.¬† If you would like to be in it, all you have to do is email¬†me at¬† and tell me why you would like a pre-release signed copy¬†of Heart of Gold!¬† We will be drawing a winner on Friday 21st January.¬† Good luck! x Okay all,¬†I have fixed the email address…yes Karin..I think¬†I did have a ‘moment’ lol. Thanks for your help x Now¬†I think¬†I have “really” fixed it.¬†¬†Thank God for¬†fans like Karin to keep¬†me on¬†track.¬† (Totally understood what you meant Karin…i’m only half techno savy lol)


Friday, 30 July 2010 by

Well it’s time to draw the competition and I’m glad to announce that Jane Barber was our randomly selected winner!  Well done to Jane, whose signed copy and goodies will be on their way to you soon. Big thanks to all those who entered, and keep an eye out as I will run another competition at a later date.  In a few months (or 6) I should be able to giveaway a copy of the new book.  I look forward to holding that book in my hands!! Cheers for now, Fee

Win win win!

Monday, 19 July 2010 by

For your chance to win a signed copy of my book, along with some bookmarks, fridge magnets and a Gum Tree Tavern stubby holder just answer the following question to me by email (Those who have read The Family Farm will be familiar with the ‘Tree’ as I wrote about it in the book – now is your chance to have¬†your slice of the Tree, be it in the very important form of a stubby holder and magnet) The question is – Who was your favourite character in The Family Farm and why?¬† And for those who haven’t read it yet…just answer why you would like to read it instead. I will be drawing a winner at random from the emailed entries on Wed 28th July. Goodluck!


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