The joy of school holidays

by / Wednesday, 21 July 2010 / Published in Family

We have a couple of kids for a sleepover and so we all went up to the rock.  My kids had to show their friends their cubby house in the bush (when we play golf, the babysitter lets them play in the bush.  Good, healthy outside fun!).  Our local golf course weaves through the many rock formations, and it’s a beautiful spot.

We climbed a few rocks to search for tadpoles in the pools of water.  We were out of luck (a bit early for them yet)…thank god as I’ve had my fair share of tadpoles/half frogs in my house!  As we were walking, climbing over fallen trees and crawling through bushes we found some big rabbit holes.  I warned the kids not to get too close in case they did an Alice and fell into Wonderland (I think my humour was wasted on the younger two).  Then we had a picnic and counted caterpillars as we sat on the green fairway.

All in all, it was a beautiful day with the sun shinning and no wind.  I even had a ball.  It really is worth it to take time out to do something special with you kids, as they will remember it forever.  I know I still do when my folks took us to the rock.  Even if it only was for an hour, kids will remember it like it was a whole day.  They need these good memories to take with them into adulthood.  It says I was loved. Ditch the DS on the couch along with whatever other computerised gizmo they have and get outside, ride your bikes, walk along the beach…it’s all good.  Time rushes by fast enough, cherish the time we have with them while they are still young.  Yep, I’ve said my bit now lol!

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