Spring is sprung

by / Monday, 07 September 2009 / Published in Books, The Farmer's Life

We are slowly moving into warmer weather but, hopefully, the rain will keep coming.

I haven’t seen much canola planted around our area, not along the road side anyway. But when we got near Cunderdin and Dowerin there were heaps of canola crops.

springTheir yellow flowers are a sight to see, especially next to a dark green wheat crop. You can’t help feeling very Aussie with the green and gold.

You always know when you’re near a canola crop, you smell it first. Not the best of smells, but one that reminds you you’re still in the country.

And for anyone interested — I reached 52,000 words today on the new book. I could say I’m halfway, I reckon.

Not sure if this will be a big as the last book … or bigger. One never knows!

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