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Wool Press – A bale bag is placed inside the press. The fleeces, depending on grade, are put inside and pressed down until the required weight.





Video of filling press- pressing (sorry for the bad quality of videoing!)


A 5 stand shearing shed.

Raised Floor – this is where the shearers are raised so the rousies don’t have to bend down.


Skirting table – The fleece is thrown on top and the dirty edges are skirted off. Any stains, black wool or skin is also taken off.



Videos of shearing



Gotta love the music in the background!


Here is one of the many limo’s that take shearing crews to and from sheds!



Thanks to the Jensen’s and Garard’s for letting me into their sheds, and their shearing crews for allowing me put them on the www! Cheers x



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