School holidays

by / Monday, 04 October 2010 / Published in Family, Only in the country, The Farmer's Life

Our school holidays started with the picnic up the rock ritual.  We pack some goodies (lamingtons and cream – yes I packed cream)and while the kids climbed all over the rocks mum and dad lay, soaking up the warmth along with the lizards.  It was beautiful … but the view was on the dry yellow side of green.

It was the same on our way to Hopetoun, the worst crops I’ve seen around our area and then two hundred kms down the road they turned into beautiful big green crops.  Amazing what rain does. There is nothing that can save this harvest … if there even will be a harvest.  Everyone is stretched to the hilt money wise and the banks will probably try to sell a few farms, only thing is no one will buy them!!!  It’s hard to try and sell your farm to pay debts when no one can afford to buy them, so you’re left stuck…waiting.

I’m not a farmer, but I live in a farming community so it effects everyone, from shops to contractors etc.  Lets hope next year is a bumper … everyone will need it.

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