Connelly Cartoons

by / Wednesday, 17 February 2010 / Published in Books, Writing

I wanted to share these couple of cartoons from the Connelly Cartoons book I have.  Brett Connelly has done a great job drawing moments from the bush and these two I particularly like.

I can tell you how weird it is to be harvesting in the dry heat only for it to begin raining to the point headers are getting bogged.  Its a real scratch your head moment.

And the other cartoon is at the sampling hut, which I write about in The Family Farm.  Now days they use automatic spears to get the sample but when I was a sampler, at the age of 17, I used to have to manually spear a truck, which meant climbing into the back trailer into the grain.  At the start of the year you can bet many farmers have a bit of trouble getting a sample through because of high moisture, due to green grains or the other time will be after rain and the grain is wet.

Hope you get a laugh.

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