Monday moves …

Wednesday, 28 October 2009 by

This is my Monday job! That’s the little green forklift I get to hoon around in shifting chemicals and what not. Every Monday I get our order in and have to put it away and enter them onto the system. Monday’s are quite busy (yes … even for a little four-house town like Pingaring) and I have Blake as a helper as he’s only a kindy kid, so Mondays and Fridays he helps me … sort of.

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Our Town — Pingaring

Friday, 20 February 2009 by

This is the small town of Pingaring. The People. The Place. Or so it says on our community number plates! There are five houses in our town, plus a shop and the local hall. We also have a golf course around a large granite rock behind the town, as well as the tennis/cricket club and the old school which is now used as a community centre/playgroup. We live directly opposite the railway line, which is great when trains go past at all times of the night, and the CBH bins. Co-operative Bulk Handling Group is who my husband works for. He runs the Pingaring bin at harvest when they take in all the farmers’ grain. We only take wheat and barley in Pingaring. I write about the bins in my book The Family Farm so this picture will help those of you who’ve never seen them understand.

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