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Today we picked up our new little puppy, who the kids have called Sally.

She is just so cute and cuddly.  Gidget hasn’t exactly given her a big welcome but she hasn’t bitten off Sally’s head either.  So far so good.  I think as long as Sally stays away from Gidget until she’s used to her…it’ll all be good. Gidge is over 13 years old so she’s going to be a bit crabby and testie, but she’s been top dog for a while.  We used to have a cat…Gidge didn’t like him at all and wouldn’t let the cat near our back door so in the end he ran away…twice! No more cats for us.

Hopefully Gidge will be a bit more accomodating for Sally and show her how to keep the foxes away from the chooks.  Sally is a bitza everything dog, beagle, cocker spaniel, collie and sooo adorable.

She’s already made herself at home.

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