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On Saturday I headed south to the coastal town/city of Albany. Love Albany. Such a pretty place. I spent my holidays there as a kid with my grandparents sometimes so it holds plenty of memories.

Here I am with Lockie who set up the signing. Great display in his shop window.  I was there for just over an hour signing and big thanks to those who dropped by to get a book.  Love meeting fans, young and old. And I caught up with friends, which was great.

We had the whole gang (kids) so we went to Venice after for lunch and then a stop by the shops for a quick look. (When you live that far from shops, its a delight to be able to check them out. )

My flowers from the signing. 🙂

We stayed the night in Albany, staying with friends who’s house has a gorgeous view of the ocean.  We went for a walk along Middleton beach and the fresh sea air was just what I needed to clear my head as we got up early to make it to Albany in time for the signing. 3hr trip with kids who think their throat is cut when they are hungry and ‘how many towns to go’ ‘are we there yet’ etc etc can leave you with such a headache. I won’t go into detail about our trip home but think moody daughter who didn’t get to listen to ‘her’ music and a son who can find a million unrelated questions to ask.

But the view outside was gorgeous and I zoned out my kids and tried to plan my fifth book. Wost thing was I figured out my last chapter! It was brilliant in my head, just wish I had a pen and paper to write it all down. Must start taking some notes now and get these ideas all together. They are squished in my head along side the library talks, publicity and stress of the new book release date this week. Lucky for me I have some chocolate in the house to help combat this stress. 🙂

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