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On the weekend the kids and I went for another ride in the truck. This time out to Mr Mitchell’s.  I love riding in the truck with my dad, as it ends up being around an hour I get to spend with him. Yes, I’m a daddy’s girl.  And the kids love being with their pop too.

Moments like these are very special. Dad was showing the kids how a header works by grinding the wheat heads in his hand and blowing the chaff away to leave the wheat.  Then we ate some.  Blake was chewing on it and asked could he swollow it or did he have to spit it out. Kids are cute!  As we sit in the truck, waiting for it to fill up with grain, is a great time to spend with the kids.  We sang songs and played games. You can see the overcast day we had. Weird warm day with the occasional rain drop.

As the field bins were in another paddock to the header, dad had to pull up along the fence so Mr Mitchell could top up the load.  The crops are really bad this year and it takes a lot of harvesting before you can get enough grain for a load.

It’s hot, dusty and itchy in the truck and around headers but we were rewarded with a swim in our friends pool afterwards.  It has a great view also.  Just missing the cocktails!!!

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