TRH – first chapter

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by

Okay, here is the prologue (again) and first chapter. A week to go and it’ll be available in all stores 🙂 Yay.   Magic was happening. Even at the tender age of twelve, Lara felt the energy around her from the land. This afternoon was no different. A family of kangaroos grazed in a nearby paddock, their imposing figures framed in the afternoon glow as a little joey moved around in the dry, golden grass. They might even be big reds, but with the ochre hues from the setting sun behind them, Lara couldn’t be sure. ‘Get a load of that, Larz. Isn’t it just the duck’s bum?’ She studied the pink and gold sunset in the reflection of her father’s eyes. Oh, how she was going to miss him when she was sent away to boarding school next year: his brown stubble and wayward hair half hidden beneath his favourite red cap, the creases


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