Chicks galore

by / Thursday, 12 November 2009 / Published in The Farmer's Life


Here are our mothers with their 11 chicks! See if you can count them all. So cute and fluffy.

I took the remaining eggs away from them (so they would get out of their box and look after the ones they had) and put them inside on the oil heater.

Bugger me, bung on midnight I was woken up with this chirping echoing through the house. Sure enough, one had hatched!

I admired it for a second before shutting the door so I could get back to sleep. I am taking a couple in to my daughter’s school tomorrow for her news … hopefully they will survive the excitement! (That’s if I can get them away from one of the mums (the darker one.)

She’s real protective; funny considering she only hopped on the eggs a few days before they hatched. It was the white chook who did all the work from start to end.

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