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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 by

A few more pictures have come in so i’ll share these with you.  This first one I’ve actually seen on TV.  And I love the fact that Matthew likes to surround himself with toys, posters and figurines from his favourite movies to inspire him. He looks really happy to be there…sometimes I can’t stand my office and it puts me off writing. Now i’m thinking I should put up some enticing pictures. (and being a romance writer I can get away with a few handsome buff guys hanging around 🙂 Matthew Reilly is the bestselling author of nine novels and his latest one  Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves  is due out on the 12th of October.  Its amazing reading about him and I love this quote : Matthew Reilly, ‘Ice Station was a direct response to Hollywood action movies. I figured that when you make a movie, you are limited by your budget. Put simply, it


Saturday, 26 March 2011 by

At the moment i’m waiting for my camera to be posted back to me, so until then I can’t put up any blogs of my south-west tour of WA. (Sorry…but have no fear i’ll be blogging a minute by minute blog of the whole trip!! Only jokes…wouldn’t want you all to fall asleep at the computer)  None the less i’m using my free time with the re-writing of book 3…AKA Sarah’s Journey. (working title…with my track record it probably wont stay. I can write a book but can’t pick a title lol) I finished my first draft of Sarah’s Journey in January, but after talks with my publisher Ali we have decided on some changes…some big and some small.  While I was doing my tour my mum came along to keep me company so I had help to plan out some new conflicts and themes for Sarah’s Journey. Spending lots of time travelling we had plenty of


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