TRH – first chapter

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by

Okay, here is the prologue (again) and first chapter. A week to go and it’ll be available in all stores 🙂 Yay.   Magic was happening. Even at the tender age of twelve, Lara felt the energy around her from the land. This afternoon was no different. A family of kangaroos grazed in a nearby paddock, their imposing figures framed in the afternoon glow as a little joey moved around in the dry, golden grass. They might even be big reds, but with the ochre hues from the setting sun behind them, Lara couldn’t be sure. ‘Get a load of that, Larz. Isn’t it just the duck’s bum?’ She studied the pink and gold sunset in the reflection of her father’s eyes. Oh, how she was going to miss him when she was sent away to boarding school next year: his brown stubble and wayward hair half hidden beneath his favourite red cap, the creases

Competition Winners

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by

The time has come to draw two winners for a signed copy of The Road Home. Thank you all for entering, it was fantastic to hear all about you. I loved reading your comments. Now, drum roll….. The first person drawn was Gabby! Congratulations Gabby, i’ll be sending you an email shortly asking for your address. 🙂 And the second person drawn was Felicity Morley! Huge congrats to both ladies, and hopefullly I’ll get the books in the mail for you this week. But that is not all. Tomorrow I’ll have guest blogger and well known rural author Fleur McDonald over answering a few questions. I have just finished reading Purple Roads so I know you won’t be disappointed.

Wagin Woolorama 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012 by

Another year and I was back at Wagin for the Woolorama. If I thought the Friday was hot, then I was wrong because Saturday was even worse but it didn’t stop people from turning up. It helped that my site was in the Wool Pavilion, with nice cold concrete floors and an air con right above me.  We also have the fashion parade in the same shed so we had tunes all day. It was fantastic to be able to spend both days meeting new people who brought my books for the first time as well as fans dying to buy the new one.  Last year I’d met a farmer and he helped me with some idea’s for The Road Home, so it was nice to meet up with him again. On the first day I had a bit of time to duck off to the nearby shed where the sheep judging went on and my

Win Win Win

Saturday, 03 March 2012 by

Okay, seeing as I have a small collection of my third book, The Road Home I am offering up two signed copies, posted out to you with a fancy Rural Writers Rock stubby holder. Now all you have to do to be in it to win it is leave a comment. Simple as that.  Please leave something about yourselves behind so that I can get to know YOU. Maybe you love dogs. Maybe you love roses or the afternoon sun on a spring day. (lol I like all those things). Share something about yourself, even if its just small.  I will draw both winners at random on the 13th March.   And don’t forget for your chance to get a pre-release copy, I’m at the Wagin Woolorama 9th and 10th of March. Come see me in the Wool Pavilion as I’ll be there all day, both days. Except for toilet breaks, food breaks and when my friends

The Luck of the Red Earth

Saturday, 11 February 2012 by

I was very excited to stumble across my book on the German Random House website. (Even though I know NO German, I still managed to navigate to the authors page and find my book) It was great to see it for the first time.  They re-market it, so The Family Farm became The Luck of the Red Earth. (I google translated it and then took it next door to my German neighbour to double check lol) It will be released in Germany on April 1st.   I love the colours, even though its nothing like where the book is set but I understand it’s made to stand out as ‘Australian’. Heart of Gold has also been signed up with the Diana Verlag imprint of Random House. I’m not sure when it will be out, but they took two years to get The Family Farm out, so I won’t hold my breath for any time soon. 🙂 Now I look

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The Road Home – 2012

Tuesday, 03 January 2012 by

I’m very excited to share with you the new cover of The Road Home. Although I will have copies early to sell at the Wagin Woolorama on the 9th, the book isn’t released until the 28th March. When your life is at a crossroads, how do you find the road home? (love this line) Lara Turner has a boyfriend, a nice house in the city and a chance at a big promotion. So when her brother calls asking her to come home, she hesitates. Can she face the memories that inhabit the beloved place of her childhood? And how does she feel with the news it’s to be sold? Is she the answer to saving the family farm? Jack Morgan has memories of his own to contend with. A falling-out with his family and a bitter end to a past relationship have left a big chip on his shoulder. When his best mate’s beautiful sister arrives

Articles & Interviews

Sunday, 19 June 2011 by

Just thought i’d share with you an interview I did with Booktopia. They have a brilliant website with lots of interviews from your favourite authors, so if you haven’t already…check them out. Lots of great stuff. And an article in the Herald Sun about rural authors! Go rural fiction!! *I need pom poms to shake lol*

Karly Lane

Monday, 16 May 2011 by

Today i’m so excited to have Karly Lane as my guest blogger. ( Or Karlene Blakemore Mowle for her Wild Rose and Eternal Press books) Karly lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia.  She is a mother of four children, (she needs an award right there just for that)  and works part time as a pathology collector by day in between writing her wonderful romance suspence books. When I read Karly’s books, I can picture her so easily as the humor in her books is Karly to a T. Such a lovely funny person who i’m glad to have met and looking forward to catching up with again. Thank you Karly for taking the time out to answer a few of my questions today.  Firstly I’m interested in how you came by the idea for North Star. Its different from your two other books Operation Summer Storm and Fallout. (I really enjoyed OSS

Pressing send

Sunday, 15 May 2011 by

“Magic was happening.  For Sarah, even from an early age, she felt the energy around her from the land.  This afternoon was no different.” That is the start for Sarah’s Journey…for the moment at least before the editors get a hold of it!! So on Friday I finally finished my last minute read through before sending Sarah’s Journey off.  I was so excited, happy and felt like celebrating…and then I realised I still had to send it off to the publishers! Oh what was I thinking…was it good enough…the last part was a bit cheesy and the bit in the middle was saggy…wasn’t it? Crikey I don’t know…one minute I think it was okay and then in the next breath I feel like everything I wrote was utter crap.  (I’m really selling the book arn’t I, LOL) I’ve got even more reason to be scared and to keep a lid on my excitement…because my first attempt

Mt Gambier

Saturday, 07 May 2011 by

On wednesday I drove to Perth and was lucky to catch up with Fleur Mcdonald.  We caught up over pizza, wine and burbon. Fleur is such an easy person to talk to and we had so much to chat about, and never enough time to cover it all! Thursday morning I was up early and off to the Airport to catch my flight to Adeliade and then a connecting one to Mt Gambier. While I was waiting for my flight out in Adelaide I had a radio interview and after it finished I just managed to catch my name getting called over to PA to board! Phew that was lucky I was paying attention. It made it real easy getting on the plane without the crowds.  (I got a whole book finished and started another with all the flying I did) Later I thought i’d landed in Ireland or somewhere similar as the contrast from


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