Xmas lights – Outback style

Saturday, 17 December 2011 by

So a couple of our locals came up with a competition to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. A notice went out to everyone, come and join in our Farm Gate Lights Competition. By friday night we gathered under the tree, our five house town now thriving with people. We fired up the barbie, cooked a few snags and fed the hungry mass as we waited until it was time to load up the bus! 7.3o we climbed aboard! All the seats were full! (Yes we were a little surprised at the great turn out) So then we were left in our wonderful drivers hands. Thanks Tess for the use of your bus and being our driver…we were louder than your average bus run!! On our way we had a rough floodway to navigate but lucky our bus-hostess, Mark, guided us to the exits, our crash position and where the gas masks would fall from.


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