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At the moment i’m waiting for my camera to be posted back to me, so until then I can’t put up any blogs of my south-west tour of WA. (Sorry…but have no fear i’ll be blogging a minute by minute blog of the whole trip!! Only jokes…wouldn’t want you all to fall asleep at the computer)  None the less i’m using my free time with the re-writing of book 3…AKA Sarah’s Journey. (working title…with my track record it probably wont stay. I can write a book but can’t pick a title lol)

I finished my first draft of Sarah’s Journey in January, but after talks with my publisher Ali we have decided on some changes…some big and some small.  While I was doing my tour my mum came along to keep me company so I had help to plan out some new conflicts and themes for Sarah’s Journey. Spending lots of time travelling we had plenty of opportunities to brain storm…one time I couldn’t sleep and was rattling on to mum about different ideas…me wide awake and brain going a million miles an hour…my mum tired and probably wanting to hit me with a pillow and tell me to shut up. (She didn’t bless her…but I got the hint)

So I arrived home with heaps of ideas and planned out all the new bits, sent it off to Ali who gave the big thumbs up. (Thank god) Now in case you are wondering, the first draft of Sarah’s Journey was fine…but only if I was just after a romance story.   The wonderful Ali could see more potential.  Now I trust her judgement as Ali has been in the business for many years, with all these amazing authors she works with, Monica McInerney, Rachael Treasure, Katherine Scholes, (who has a new book out which i’m looking forward to reading) and many more just to name a few.  Quite frankly i’m just totally thrilled (beside myself in awe really) to be associated with her, Penguin and these ‘wow’ authors. Therefore i’m very open to changing whatever i’ve written and once things have been pointed out, i’m like…OMG I can totally see that saggy bit or how not important that person is etc. So it’s great to have someone in my corner, who is there to help and bring certain things to my attention, seeing as I don’t have a crit partner to help me…just my mum, but she says all my stuffs great lol!

So now the fun part of re-reading and re-working all those words i’ve written begins. Deleting…changing…adding…until hopefully a much better product is produced.  I’m aiming to get this done within two months but I’m not going to kill myself to keep that timeline.  Life happens! I’ll just go with the flow.

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