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Winter – oh the joys of frosty mornings. On this particular morning I was on my way to my friends house to pick up my kids and the fog was really thick  AND it was 10.30am!!  Yes, the farmers would have been twiddling their fingers waiting for it to lift so they could go spraying.  I know my dad was at home waiting…probably enjoying the warmth before he went out into the cold to play with water. This picture is of my friends house from their driveway and you can just make out it out.  The camera never seems to pick up just how thick it is. I nearly ran over the shire crew on my way there.  They had two graders parked up on the road.  They appeared out of nowhere in the fog.  I bet they thought twice about standing on the road to talk in a fog, especially with me behind the wheel!!  As i left

Golf on the farm

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 by

Yay, it’s seeding time again.  Where the mornings are crisp and the freshly turned earth smells amazing. I had a call from a local farmer saying he was about to rip up the back paddock behind our house, why? Because my hubby likes to hit his golf balls out there and it was full of them and he didn’t want to bury them all (Such thoughtful folk out here!) Being a good wife, I went out and began to collect them up as the farmer begun his first lap!  It was hard going as the paddock had just been sprayed and the little white blobs of foam marker looked like white golf balls.  So as I’m walking around like a fella who’s had too much scotch, collecting up balls with the pickup doovalackie, I waved to the passing farmer in his tractor who I’m sure was laughing. My goodness were there some balls to collect….the

Miss Polly

Friday, 16 April 2010 by

Meet Polly the little lamb.  We are babysitting Polly for three days for my friend Renae.  It’s amazing that Polly is still alive especially when you hear her story.  Polly was born whilst her mum was still trying to give birth to Polly’s twin, a fox had decided to nibble away on her.  When Renae had found her the fox had chewed off some of her ear and left a huge hole around her jaw.  Apparently it was really bad, seeing bone etc…I wont go into yuckie details. As her twin and mum had both died they took her home and didn’t think she’d last the night out.  But she did – against all odds.  She got an infection and struggled to walk and they kept thinking she wouldn’t make it but each morning there she was, battling on.  To look at Polly now you’d never know. Her face has healed well and also her ear…minus

Winter is growing

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Well the winter vegies are in and growing well.  Thanks to my daughter who took the picture for me…(school holidays = bored kids= urgh)  I only have a small vegie patch but it still grows plenty.  Nothing like having your own grown vegies, especailly as the prices for fruit and veg in the country are horrible.  My boy loves picking fresh grown carrots and munching on them…I just wish he could wait until they get bigger than his finger. They never make it to the least he’s eating them and not the rabbits. We’ve got spring onions, broc, cauli, cabbage, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, a few kinds of lettuce, celery and capsicums. With the cool weather, the gardens are starting to come alive again and not look so dry and burnt – and its less watering I have to do, more time I can spend writing.

Thunder storms

Tuesday, 23 February 2010 by

Got this pic of the storm over the A type bin across the road from our house.  Wish I was at the top of the bin, I could have got some great pictures (along with getting fried mind you!).


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I’m in a bit of a sad place at the moment.  You see, we just lost some valuable community members (one has already gone and one is soon to go).  These girls will leave such a huge hole in our community for they were actively involved. Nameless volunteering and running fundraising events and more importantly the roles they took in our Progress Association for the health of our town and community.  It’s the dedication of people like these who come forward out of their already busy and hectic lives to help better our way of life out here. There are few as it is, but these two did amazing things in our town.  I will miss them, so will our community, but they are moving forward in their lives and I’m sure they will take a piece of Pingaring with them. But to add to this sadness was the news of a family selling their

Click go the shears boys

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 by

I must thank this particular shearing crew for allowing me to take photo’s of them hard at work (and for the stories I heard after work…such a laugh).  You may read about them in the next book. I loved Jason’s shed.  It’s not like the new boring ones I’ve seen, but rather rustic and how shearing should be (to me anyway).  The back aides are hung from an old tree branch and plank of wood.  There is years and years of oil build up in the wood and it looks used.  That’s what sheds looked like when I was growing up!

Chicks galore

Thursday, 12 November 2009 by

Here are our mothers with their 11 chicks! See if you can count them all. So cute and fluffy. I took the remaining eggs away from them (so they would get out of their box and look after the ones they had) and put them inside on the oil heater. Bugger me, bung on midnight I was woken up with this chirping echoing through the house. Sure enough, one had hatched! I admired it for a second before shutting the door so I could get back to sleep. I am taking a couple in to my daughter’s school tomorrow for her news … hopefully they will survive the excitement! (That’s if I can get them away from one of the mums (the darker one.) She’s real protective; funny considering she only hopped on the eggs a few days before they hatched. It was the white chook who did all the work from start to end.

Abundant fruit

Wednesday, 11 November 2009 by

This is our fruit tree enclosure and its full of life and budding fruit. Our grape vines are loaded (hopefully the chooks wont get them this year) and the peaches are growing madly as you can see below. They are the first pick, followed by the nectarines usually. Its exciting to watch as the trees flower and then each day being amazed as the fruit grows. I can’t wait to fill myself with ripe fruit fresh from the tree!

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Bonfire, marshmallows and a full moon

Friday, 09 October 2009 by

This is the beginning of the bonfire. We chopped up the fallen tree and it gave us a good excuse for a bonfire. We set up a table and chairs by the fire and ate our tea. Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream then topped it off with marshmallows … naturally! It was a great night and Mac had her friend and neighbour, Shenae, for a sleepover. While sitting around the fire we got to watch the full moon rise into the night sky. It looked amazing as it rose up between the blackness of the trees into the clear night.

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